You can watch TV during power outages – with a “battery backup system”

What with all the “EISHKOM” power outages, one needs some means of maintaining one’s sanity! It is believed that these outages will be prevalent for the next 4 to 5 years, so get used to it! Get a battery backup system.

The system consists of an inverter and one or more batteries. The inverter converts the battery voltage to a suitable 230VAC, for powering TV’s, DSTV, Hi-Fi, video disk players, laptops, Wi-Fi, satellite decoder and dish, cell chargers and a few CFL’s. (Compact Fluorescent Lights) The inverter is permanently plugged into the municipal mains – and when power is available, a built- in charger, will rejuvenate the battery. Please note, this is not a solar system.

Typical system

Typical System (may vary slightly)

The inverter will automatically switch over to battery power as soon as there is a power failure, this takes place in less than the blink of an eyelid!

Do not connect any of the following devices - geysers, heaters, hairdryers, microwave, cooking devices, spotlights or pool pumps, as these use large amounts of power.

For an accurate quote, please supply us with the following details: What items do you wish to power from the system? List each device with its power requirement in watts, or in amps. Approx. how long will each device be used? This information is normally available from the label on the back of the device. This is very important for us.

Supply & delivery is: subject to stock availability and pricing is linked to Rand/Dollar exchange rates.

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