Hi All

I have decided to write articles about the hobby. Based in South Africa and relevant to “hackers” of the veteran sort and newcomers to the hobby.

It has become obvious over the last 30 years that the hobby has a shrinking number of “young blood”. That is not an ageist term and does not refer to the youth of today. But the “newbies” to the hobby.

The ‘hobby’ has grown in appeal to certain interested people. Especially with experimentation and communication. No longer confined to H.F. or slow speed analogue modulation. Our hobby has grown in various parts of the world and shrunk in others.

My personal activity has always been hardware ‘hacking’. With writing software coming a close second. With the local electronic market at the end of an expensive exchange rate pipeline, it has become almost impossible for low income enthusiasts to build anything. I hope to change that.
With this in mind, let me know what you think.
John Brock ZS6WL