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This is the clients page of John Brock Computing Services.
If you need help on any of the hardware or software provided by me at any time in the past, please click support.
Here you will find all the relevant details regarding my services provided to clients.
If you need to purchase or want to discuss any of my products, please click on products.

Customer List (just a small selection)

Amplats Management Services
B.I.Foote (Pty.) Ltd.
BDM Consulting
Black Wolf Productions
Bowcliffe cc
Bowker Greaves Partnership
Coating Consultants & Development
ColourZone (Signage)
Continental China (Pty) Ltd
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank - Global Markets
Deutsche Bank SA (formerly Bankers Trust)
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell & Co. Ltd
DMG Portfolio Managers
Eagle Micro Systems []
ERNII - Electronic Reference Network for Industrial Information
Everyday Kolor
George Stott & Co (Pty) Ltd.
Hardie, Tippett, Warden & Associates cc
INET - Now I-net Bridge []
Inyathi Financial Consulting CC
Ivor Jones, Roy and Associates - Now DMG
Jennifer Jones Interior Design
Legalwise - Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa []
Louise Anders CC
Mapafrika []
MDV Public Relations
Paywell (Pty) Ltd
Peripheral Operators
Primetank (Pty) Ltd
Proactive Integrators cc
Pulse Africa []
PYG eBusiness Consulting cc
Smilemakers Promotions cc []
Stream Flow Solutions
U-Go Selling (Pty) Ltd
Whitehead Morris Seminars (Pty) Ltd (no longer in business)

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