BiCraft “EeZee” Tune for ICOM Radios BiCraft “EeZee” Tune for ICOM Radios


Many Icom radio amateur HF transceivers have a “Tune” button which is used to operate an optional external auto antenna tuner like the Icom AH-4. However most Icom users do not have an auto antenna tuner, but resort to using a manual antenna tuner.
EeZee Tune has been designed to “fool” Icom transceivers into believing that there is an auto antenna tuner connected, thereby allowing one to “tweek” a manual antenna tuner for best antenna match. (Lowest SWR!) EeZee Tune automatically lowers the power to about 10 watts, switches radio to CW mode, and then goes into transmit mode! Once tuning has been completed, after 18-secs; it resets the radio back to normal. No battery needed!
A microprocessor controlled EeZee Tune does this all for you!
What a bonus!!
Most ICOM radios with a “Tune” button will operate with the EeZee Tune, such as:
IC7000, IC706IIG, IC706PROII, IC718, IC725, IC728, IC736, IC7400, IC746, IC746PRO, IC756, IC765, or any Icom radio that will support an AH-3 or AH-4 auto tuner.

Cost to you will be R230.00 collect from Honeydew Gauteng or add R99 PostNet anywhere in RSA.

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