We have forgotten that all ‘our’ electronic goodies, talk to each other…

So what is EDID?

I knew the ‘monitor’ (display) ‘talked’ to the display card. But I didn’t know how. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I read up on EDID. The method used is I^2 C. That should be I [squared] C, but the editor doesn’t seem to understand superscripts.
Extended display identification data

Understanding EDID – Extended Display Identification Data

More on my migration to lubuntu… 
So I need to ‘translate’ all my old emails from Outlook Express

What I need is a Linux translation tool.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 – Linux and things – totally out of date.

[Most links don’t work.]

[So install Sylpheed email client. It reads OE dbx files. But oh what a laborious process!] When you have imported emails into Sylpheed, you can export them as mbox files…

Then I found UnDBX on Google’s code – UnDBX

When you have an ‘mbox’ file, you can simply copy it to the Thunderbird profile folder. And a few seconds later, all your emails are there.

Reading an mbox file with Thunderbird for those ‘pesky’ updates. i.e. flash, Skype etc.

But not good enough for SARS. So I will have to ‘switch back’ to using XP, just for efiling…

This is worth watching.

Great Western Railway: An engineering wonder of the west country

Bye for now.