For the past two years I have been advocating SSD’s (Solid State Disk drives) for use as boot disks in Windows PC’s. After purchasing a Samsung drive for a small fortune, I had a vastly improved performance Windows XP machine. And vowed to get another for the No.2 PC. The supplier ceased to supply Samsung. I went looking for alternatives. The neatest solution was the “Momentus” hybrid disk drive from Seagate. This replaced the broken disk in Edith’s laptop and made her day as it really was a better speed of booting and loading programs.

I took great delight in switching on No.1 and No.2 PC’s at the same time and seeing the three times speed improvement in booting. Finally I replaced the boot disk drive in No.2 with a Kingston disk drive. It happens to be a second faster than No.1 PC.

Now for the irony bit. During the conversion phase of No.2, I moved all the personal stuff from that PC to the Ubuntu PC. I started using the Ubuntu PC for all the Amateur Radio stuff, searching for Electronics and BASIC programming. Also moved the personal email account there as well. So the other day, I switched on No.1 PC and a fraction of a second later, the Ubuntu PC. The Ubuntu PC, which has an ordinary spinning disk drive inside, beat the Windows PC by three seconds!

So if you really want a performance PC, use Linux NOT Windows. You don’t need a solid state disk drive either.