I have a complain!

Today on 702 the new consumer protection agency said that their email address is complains@… Which had me in fits of laughter. Why in this day and age does anyone not have the most accurate and descriptive email address. Surely its not because of the old (last century) 8 character limit on filenames?

They should ‘complain’ to their ISP and have them make an alias for complaints@…
Or can the system not do that? Is it a limitation of the Windows system?
Yesterday I received an email from ‘stockcontrolsupervisor’ at … I could actually spell the email address but the potential for erroneously addressed emails is great. This apparently cuts down the amount of spam. But does it? The spammers are very adept at ‘snarfing’ email addresses from web pages and emails. 

So where and to whom do I complain?