I just tried to see if I really needed .net. I thought it might be simple to find the dependencies of all the executables on my Windwoes PC. After all Microsoft Office doesn’t need it nor Outlook Express. So why should I let it ‘eat up’ my PC’s memory?

Quote “Microsoft is offering advice on how to protect yourself from Java-based malware. The instructions are simple: either update it, disable it, or just uninstall it completely.” – ZDNET – Zero Day.

There doesn’t appear to be any Malware based on .net. – I wonder why? But there are worms that ‘attack’ .net.

There are some ‘security issues’ concerning .net and the use on web pages. But real Windows applications? Nobody seems to want to use it.

Also you do not need it taking up valuable memory in a ‘veteran’ PC. I certainly don’t. So I removed it…totally! This (my no. 1) PC now runs quicker and loads faster than the identical PC (no. 2) with .net.