Very few things didn’t work when I moved to Linux. Now there is one less…

There are things that couldn’t work. There were things that I didn’t need. Then there were applications or hardware that just didn’t work, try as I might.

I still haven’t got round to writing a driver module for my Microtek slide scanner. I kept a Windwoes 98 PC alive just to use it to scan slides.

Then there was the QX3 Intel microscope. This had nothing for Linux. It would only grudgingly work in Windows XP. When reading glasses and magnifying glass did not work, I would reach for the QX3. Only to find that I had put it on the top-most shelf. Out of reach…

Now I have a fully working QX3. With pictures of transistors and high precision voltage regulators. That I could not read satisfactorily with reading glasses and magnifier.

It is all thanks to the Linux community. Persistence pays off.
This only 10 times magnification. Makes them easy to identify, even when the paint is obscure.

The link? Sure! Here it is :-
This is the latest thing to make me realise that moving to Linux was a good idea! All those old USB and Serial/SCSI scanners? Try ‘simplescan’ under Linux…

In fact if your are like me with a Windows 9x PC just scanning, try booting on a live Ubuntu/lubuntu CD or stick. Then try running ‘Simple Scan’.