The session last night was about ‘Modulation Methods’ and ‘Frequency Translation’. So what I wanted to get over to the students was this :-

CW is not truly ‘Continuous Wave’. It is 100% Amplitude Modulation and suffers from the same ‘issues’ as a 100% modulated wave. The switching transients are called ‘key clicks’.

A single carrier frequency carries no information as it is unmodulated. 

It has a ‘mode’ like all the other methods. The notes from the SARL are insufficiently correct. The ‘editor’ even says in the notes that it is a zero between the N’s.

So when I did the preparation I could not find a ‘slashed zero’ in the huge collection of fonts I have. You might have noticed the blog is in Verdana. It happens to be more ‘readable’ on screen. There are more. Loads more.

When I went searching for it, I could not find it straight away. I came across an interesting explanation on Wikipedia. After more searching I found one that works. It is called ‘Allerta’. Weird name I know but true. You can also find it for a free download at 100fonts. 100fonts really has the most impressive selection of fonts. So I shall be returning there later…

The modes of interest to the RAE students are well explained here:-