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Thelma Souper 
Ham radio is alive and well in Whanganui, Branch 48 NZART (NZ Amateur RadioTransmitters).
Val Hawtree ZL2FO, and Ivan Horn ZL2ATU, recently picked up the female and male national trophies in the WARO competition, or the Thelma Souper Memorial Contest. This is the first time in the Whanganui branch’s history that the awards have both come to Branch 48 at the same time.
Thelma Souper worked to establish amateur radio as a hobby for women and to have women accepted as equals. Many women became licensed hams through the involvement of their husbands. With Thelma, the sequence was reversed. She became the second woman in New Zealand to gain her licence in 1931, 30 years before her husband. She got her licence the day before they were married. She was instrumental in creating WARO, Women Amateur Radio Operators in New Zealand in 1962. The contest is run annually in Thelma’s memory and is open to all ham radio operators, male (OMs) and female (YLs). The cup was first awarded in 1977 and the men’s section trophy first awarded in1985.
The Thelma Souper Memorial Contest was run for four hours over two days, April 1and 2.The object was to contact and document as many people as possible, with an added complication that every woman WARO member contacted acted as a multiplier of the score. Coincidentally, Val and Ivan’s first contact was each other.
[WARA Bulletin September 2017]


Ngaire Jury ZXL2UJT  –  VHF Contest – New Zealand
The VHF Contest was held on the 2nd and 3rd December, 2017  on the Stratford Plateau on Mt Taranaki. We had absolutely beautiful weather and a wonderful turn out of 8 OM’s and 2 YL’s
We took our caravan and stayed overnight as the contest ran from 5pm Saturday evening till 11pm with a 7am start on the Sunday until 1pm.We worked on 70cm 2mtrs, and 1296 MHz. There were lots of stations on the air, so it was a really good contest.
Two new hams that had just passed their exams at the HAM CRAM that was held the weekend before at our club also attended . That was really nice to have them along
What an amazing view of the mountain at night with the full moon, and waking up in the morning with that view was just magic.
I never heard any other YL’s on the air, but we hope more will be able to come up sometime.
We have a great video of the weekend on our club website ZL2AB. Com
33 Ngaire Jury ZXL2UJT 
WARO BULLETIN Dec 2017- March 2018

“April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide and the fun we have.”
Remember in March’s newsletter (yl.beam#56 ) about the World Radiosport Team Championship’s to be held in Germany in July 2018?  Below we hear from  Rosel DL3KWR, a Volunteer. [copied from WARO BULLETIN September 2017]

DF5A is on the air operated by DL3KWR Pictures from DL6MHW

Rosel Zenker DL3KWR – being part of WRTC test day in 2017
WRTC test day in 2017 – I was present Rosel Zenker DL3KWR
The WORLD RADIOSPORT TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP offers the unique chance to experience this sporty climax on the amateur radio directly – if not as competitor, then as assistant. In 2018 this big event should take place for the first time in Germany. My OM Hardy, DL3KWF, and I are enthusiastic CW Contester and so was clear for us: there we help with it.
At first a small anecdote: in preparation for the WRTC in 2000 the Slovenes had distributed at the contest meeting to HAM radio in Friedrichshafen small bottles which were declared as “HAMSPIRIT”. We both got also such bottle which has stood for years in our Shack beside the trancseiver (we filled in it then with Madeira wine again). One day I had a QSO with a OM who has looked on my page and had discovered on my photo this small bottle. Of course he would know which circumstance it has with this one, hi.
Since Moscow in 2010 the WRTC take place as a Field day. This meant for the first time same location terms for all participants: on level area for every team a tent with generator and an absolutely same aerial arrangement. So that to the WRTC 2018 everything functions so perfectly as possible, was built up and also tested by the test days at the end of June, 15 sites of the needed 65 sites in the next year. 100 assistants (OMs and YLs) met on the camping place near to Jessen in the region Brandenburg.
The organizer team had performed extensive preliminary work: equipment selected/ordered/stored, the locations defined and approvals for their use caught up, the logistics planned and also one more a grill party prepared. The site managers and aerial bosses had been sent before in their duties. On Saturday 5 LKWs drove the material which stored in Jessen to the sites. The delivery contained aerials, radio mast, rotor, 2 step-ladders, Honda generator, fire extinguisher and the tent as well as tools and other materials inclusive garbage bags. DIXI looes marked already the locations. There was not shortage of nothing – not yet of nice weather
Thus could be begun with establishing the radio locations. For mounting the Spider beams and establishing the 15-metre mast, as well as for putting up the tent all hands were used, particularly it was not windless. Although we have met in the group (2 YLs and 4 OMs) for the first time, we worked purposefully hand in hand. Besides, all conspicuities were documented by the logistics up to the measuring of the aerials conscientiously. The SWR minimum must lie, finally, in the respective band. And the operating time of the generator per tank filling is for the contest expiry also not quite insignificant.
Now the self-brought Transceiver was put into operation and, besides, was checked the QRM-freedom of the location. Who wanted to operate, could do it up to the dismantling on Sunday morning. Under the contest call DF5A we distributed the Special-DOK WTTØ3 to incorporate also all those at home in the test day events. The test day was a great success. We have learnt a lot, worked in the team, have met in the grill party radio friends with whom we had 25 years ago or more QSO and we have got to know new Yls/OMs. Anyway Hardy and I want to be present in 2018 absolutely. And we look forward to meet the best contesters and referees from all over the world. Especially we look forward to the New Zealand team: Holger ZL3IO and daughter Xenia ZL4YL. We know Holger for a long time.    Rosel Zenker DL3KWR
[WARO BULLETIN September 2017]

Dutch Ladies partcipate in Russian DX contest 
PI4YLC in RDXC with nine YL operators!    Posted on 17/03/2018by pa1eng
This weekend the contest team of the Dutch Young Ladies Club is active for the sixth time in the Russian DX contest (RDXC). Since the participation of a YL-operator team in the SP-DX contest in 2012, the team has grown every year and now consists of eleven Young Ladies. The YLs live everywhere in the country, in all corners of the world (and just across the border in Germany). It is therefore difficult to bring everyone together at the same time. That is why it is extra special that we participate in the contest with PI4YLC with nine (!) YL-operators. Raymond PA5DX helped us with the setup, 

​Wijnand PD8DX made this picture of the whole group. From left to right: Raymond PA5DX,  Claudia PA5CT,  Monique PD3MKT,  Ramona PD9YL,  Heather PD3GVQ,  Sonja PD4SON,  Lisa PA2LS, and Mariëtte PA1ENG. 
Front:  Suzan PD3SZN and  Ineke PD2CWM.

Bi-Centennial Joint Celebration 
Together, CHILE YL and G.R.A.LI (Grupo RAdioaficionados de Lima) Argentina 
will celebrate the Bi-Centennail of the Battle of Maipú of 5 April 1818, led by San Martin (Argentina) and Bernardo O’Higgins (Chili),  during the Chilean War of Independence.
 Special Event stations will operate on Saturday, April 7, 2018. 
Participation from stations worldwide and Latin America.will be welcome . 
Bands 80-40 and 10 MTS, FONIA mode.
More info from XQ4NUA – LETICIA (YLC) & LU1EQU – ONESIMO (G.R.A.LI

Further Afield
Senegal, 6W. YL Elvira, IV3FSG, is now active as 6W/IV3FSG from Thies, near Da-kar. The length of her stay is unknown. She works for the Informatici Senza Frontiere organization. Activity will be limited to her spare time on 80 to 10 me-ters. Look for Elvira to operate SSB and possibly the Digital modes. QSL all SSB and Digital mode QSOs via IK3GES. Logs will be uploaded to both LoTW and ClubLog after the operation.
HF Happenings 786 [Vol 15, Issue 49, the week of 12 March 2018]

Bhutan – A52YL   (Eastern Himalayas, bordering India)
 Kyoko (“Mio”) Miyoshi, JR3MVF, and Kay Eyman , WA0WOF  will be operating from Bhutan as A52YL from April 29, 2018 until May 5, 2018. They will be active from the Dochula Eco Resort (Alt: 3150m) Bhutan. QRV on 80-6m SSB, CW & Digi. QSL via WA0WOF.
Editor: Thanks to Kay, WA0WOF, Ruth IT9ESZ/HB9LFM & Angeles  EC1YL for sharing this info 
– thats what we ladies do best, Network! 
We look forward to hearing reports of their activities, both on and off the air. Good luck, 33 

Silent Keys
WB3IYZ Marlene M. Leiser, passed away Tuesday, March 20, 2018, age 80; born May 1, 1937.
KD0XW Sharon Minor became a Silent Key .(LADIES ON THE AIR Jan-March, 2018 newsletter)
Condolences to ZS5EB Emmie Coetzee-Botes on the loss of her father Jan Coetzee, ZS5JC, who became a Silent Key Thursday 22 March 2018 after losing the fight against cancer. 

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Calendar April 2018
5 April  80 m QSO Party (RSA)
6 – 8     PARA (Philippine Amateur Radio Assoc) Convention 2018· Cebu City, Philippines. UTC+08
7 – 8   Assembly National U.R.I. 2018. Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi) Italy. 
7 RaDAR Challenge  (RSA);      7 – 8  SARL VHF/UHF Digital Contest  (RSA)
13 –15 SARL National Convention, AGM and Awards Dinner hosted by Pretoria ARC 
14-15   CQ World Scouts Contest (2nd weekend April),16h00 UTC Sat – 16h00 UTC Sun. 
18        World Amateur Radio Day  “Celebrating Amateur Radio’s Contribution to Society.”
19-25   Spring Lights QSO Party 
20- 22  69th Annual IDXC (International DX Convention), Visalia CA., USA
21 SARL Autumn QRP  (RSA)
21 2018 – 91st AGM of the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain), Birmingham
21        IMD International Marconi Day – GB4IMD Saturday close to Marconi’s birthday 25th
21-22  CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest ; CW 12:00 Sat- Sun. 23:59
22 ZS4 Sprint (FS – RSA) 
27 Int. Morse Code Day;   &  Freedom Day (holiday RSA)