The LMradio transmitter on 702kHz has been out of action for a whole week.

As I don’t have DSTV or OpenView, I have had to use a Raspberry Pi to hook up the HiFi to the station over the internet. The old link from last year didn’t work, so I had to go to the site page for listening online. This gave me a link that I could put into VLC and stream it on the HiFi…

No I am not going to put it my phone! The data charge will bankrupt me. With the fibre into the home, the data usage is very low. A lot lower than Netflix.

We tried listening to “Classic FM”. But it wasn’t truly classic any more. Far too much talking not enough classical music. Just shows you how old we are! My wife has reminded me that a “classic car” is 40 years or older. So classical music is 40 years or older. 40 years is 1980! Good grief! 

It did give me a chance to use the tablet to listen to “Radio Caroline” and “BBC Radio 4”. But that was not very interesting and of course two hours behind with time signals.

The Raspberry Pi is a version 3. The earlier versions will not cope with the decoding the mp3 stream and outputting pulse width modulation. So don’t bother. Use a USB adapter for stereo medium quality sound. VLC will ‘see’ it and use it when you configure VLC. Then if you have hesitation in the sound, use a terminal with ‘cvlc’ for the basic interface. 

So ‘cvlc’ will get it running.